5 REAL Cures for a Hangover

Picture this: it’s the first day of the year, and you’re probably not feeling too good. If you overdo it a little on this New Year’s Eve (which, fair enough), here are some tips to get you back to feeling like a human again.


Let’s get the obvious ones out of the way first. When hungover, the first thing on your mind is the first thing on your mind for a reason. Downing a cup of even more liquid can sound like a nightmare, but a lack of water is basically your whole problem.


You know it, we know it. And now it’s backed up by research, apparently! Though it will dehydrate you further, the adrenaline boost that caffeine gives you provides some much needed energy, and some research says that it reacts against the ethanol in alcohol.


Yet another obvious one, but one that can’t be overstated. Alchol is a diueretic, meaning you lose loads of vitamins overnight. The important ones are B and C, so even if you’re craving grease it makes more sense to reach for fresh veg, greens like kale, fruit and fish.


Don’t hate us, but it’s true. The whole “sweating it out” thing is said to be a myth (the alcohol itself is long gone by the time you wake up) but the boost of endorphins that you get from exercise will help. Plus, fresh air can only do you good.

Drink good stuff

…or, at least, the kinds of wine that are less likely to give you a hangover. Moderately tannic wines that are not bulk produced (leading to less likelihood of unhealthy chemicals) are less likely to leave you reeling the following morning, and this is the case with beer too. It’s a general rule that the less bad stuff in your bottle, the less bad you’ll feel the next day.

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