We just launched a full new range of imported and locally brewed craft beers, available for delivery – chilled! – in less than 60 minutes. To introduce you to this exciting new selection of brews, we’re offering ¥50 OFF all orders of beer over ¥120 on the BottlesXO app.

Great, reasonably priced craft beer IS available in Shanghai and Suzhou. And, with our app, it’s available for instant ice cold delivery to wherever you are, whether it’s the park, a terrace BBQ or even simply your home. To make things even sweeter, our beers start at just ¥18 per bottle* with no minimum order or delivery fee. 

To give the new selection a try and get your ¥50 discount, download the BottlesXO app here, place an order that includes at least one beer product and enter the following coupon code at checkout:


The offer is valid until 18 June.

Our new selection includes Chinese breweries like Song, Bad Monkey, Master GAO and Westwood Ales, along with classic American breweries Ballast Point and Karl Strauss,  rounded out by a few  unique artisanal European breweries like Birra Follina, Faust and Frank & Serafico. You’ll love it.

*available in packs of four for ¥75

To start getting your ice cold beers delivered to wherever you are, download the BottlesXO app here.