#SpreadTheXO & Save

You might have heard of XO Loyalty Points before. Now, by sharing BottlesXO with your friends on social media, it’s even easier to get them without ever leaving our app.

If you earn 50 XO Points you’ll be rewarded with cash coupons to use with BottlesXO! Even better, when you’ve reached 50 XO points you’ll find a coupon code in the MY COUPONS section and your total goes back down to zero and you can start working towards your next discount.


Learn more about XO Points here, and read on to find out how you can start collecting points and start saving. 

Invite Your Friends

In your profile on the BottlesXO app you’ll now find a new XO Points tab. Here you’ll have the option to invite your friends to BottlesXO via:

  • Facebook
    • you can either directly invite your contacts via Facebook Messenger or post on a link on your timeline
  • WeChat
    • via Moments or direct invites
  • SMS


Each time you invite a contact via WeChat or SMS or enter Facebook to invite 1 or more contacts you’ll earn 1 XO Point up to a massive maximum of 25.

Share Your Orders

You can earn XO Points by sharing your purchases too!


Whenever you make an order you’ll be offered the chance to share your order on your Facebook timeline or WeChat with a graphic like the one below:


The fir