Pairing wine with Chinese food can seem like an almost impossible task. This is maybe even more true at Chinese New Year, where lavish feasts with an insane number of dishes are the norm.

Like we said; it seems like an almost impossible task. But when it comes to wine, we never say never. Here are four wines that we think will have you holding your own at the dinner table as we bring in the Year of the Rooster.

Château Montcabrier Bordeaux Supérieur (RMB 130)


Rich, robust red wines from Bordeaux are some of China’s favorites, and while that might be due to some of its singular character (it’s big, it’s generous, it’s classic) some of that has to be how well it matches the richness of some of China’s most popular dishes.

Merlot grapes will be a perfect fit for some of the big, bold meat dishes that can be characteristic of celebrations over here, particularly all of that buttery, melt-in-the-mouth braised pork.

Heinz Schmitt Erben Riesling (RMB 145)


Hot chilies and numbing spicy Sichuan peppercorns are never too far away from any big Chinese meal, and the banquets at Chinese New Year or no exception. We’ve told you before, and we’ll probably tell you again soon; no wine deals with spice quite like Riesling. Trust us.

Steamed Snapper Fish With Lemon

As a white wine, it’s also a good look for the steamed or soy sauce braised fish that graces almost every New Year dinner table each year, as well as the shrimp that is a particularly ubiquitous part of a Cantonese feast.

Famille Perrin Côtes du Rhone Réserve (RMB 140)


At any Chinese New Year dinner you can bet that there’ll be plenty of poultry; for that, solid red from Côtes du Rhône will work wonders.

Peking Duck with vegetable

Whether paired with rich duck or Shanghai-style stewed chicken (maybe even their feet… you’ll have to try that one for yourself though).

Poggio Civetta Chianti (RMB 95)


This one is a good idea for the richer vegetable dishes that might be gracing the table; we’re particularly talking about eggplant here, whose depth of flavor (and the rich ones that it is coated in at the Chinese dinner table) are offset really nicely by a Chianti’s mellow fruitiness.

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