Tell someone from Puxi that you live in Pudong and they’ll either ask you why or give you a kind of sympathetic, kind of condescending look. That’s when its time to let them know what goes down in Pudong, and we’ve got your back.

Here are a few our favorite under-the-radar spots east of the river.

Community Center


The Pudong branch of Community Center Shanghai is a godsend to expats living on the east side, fresh-off-the-boat or no. They do tours, Chinese classes and general Shanghai orientation. Get down to one of their monthly Friday markets too, a chance to get hold of loads of international food and beverages. You’l find them on the third floor of Building A at 1146 Biyun Lu.

Binjiang Ice Bar


This one tickets two boxes; it’s fun, and it’s fancy. It’s hidden away in a cellar of the Binjiang One complex, (the one that houses German fine dining restaurant Käfer, which you have to go through to get here), and it’s so cold that they give you a big parka jacket at the door. Too cold for wine, obviously; the focus is on premium vodka and just enjoying the vibe of being in a makeshift urban igloo.

Himalayas Centre


OK, so this one isn’t so “hidden”. In fact, it’s pretty hard to miss. But we don’t think it gets as much love as it deserves. The massive hub contains an art museum, a hotel, a theatre and more. But what really sets it apart is its stunning, modern architecture; so striking and downright cool that it was one of the Shanghai locations used for Spike Jonze’ visually gorgeous movie Her, (which used Shanghai as a stand in for a near-future L.A.). It’s a little further from the riverside at 1188 Fangdian Lu, close to Huamu Lu station on Line 7.

La Parisienne


La Parisienne is a French bakery and deli south of Lujiazui that’s gotten a pretty healthy following thanks to its baguettes, sandwiches and expat fuel, aka imported cheese. Expats in Pudong will find there way here eventually, but that’s no reason not to get a head start. It’s located at 88 ZhangyangLu, not far from Shangcheng Lu metro stations.

Mu Lan Hua Ge Furniture Warehouse


This one’s really out of the way, but also really worth the trek. This place, (the full name of which is Mu Lan Hua Ge Jia Ju Li Curio Company), is an incredible sea of antique furniture and weird curios. The dusty, dark warehouses, filled with one-of-a-kind bric-a-brac, feels like somewhere out of another world and gives you a little view in to an older, less hyper-modernized Shanghai. It’s over at 1788 Jiyang Lu, not far from Lingzhao Xincun metro station on Line 8.

Daoshun Archery


This is an interesting one; late night Korean archery. Daoshun is a chain from South Korea that holds a lot of tournaments and has a nice, laidback vibe that makes it good if you feel like doing something vaguely sporty but also something new. You can find it in Building 6, 628 Zhangyang Lu, near Laoshan Lu, not far from Century Avenue metro station.


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We couldn’t leave ourselves out! If you need to a chill a little bit after all that intrepid Pudong adventuring, we’ll deliver in your ‘hood too. A few taps and you’ll have wine, at ready-to-sip temperature, within 60 minutes. See you soon!

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