Last week, we introduced the very first Chablis into our selection. Wines from Chablis are known to be some of the finest Chardonnays in France, with uniquely acidic and mineral-rich flavors.

The same features that make Chablis wines so popular are also what make them such great wines for food pairing. They go best with lighter flavors and delicately creamy sauces.

Sound tough? We’re here to help with that… here are five great dishes that will be delicious with that new Chablis.

Chicken Tarragon
tarragon chicken

White meat? Check. Creamy sauce? Check. Subtle herbal flavors? That’s three.

Chicken Tarragon, a dish of fried chicken breasts served in a cream and white wine sauce infused with tarragon and garlic, is perhaps the perfect match for Chablis. You can even throw some in the sauce!

Fresh Nigiri Sushi In A Plate In A Japanese Restaurant

The fact that Chablis has a nice way with subtle, mild flavors means that it pairs not only with white fish in creamy sauces, but also the gentle flavors of great sushi and raw fish. Not many wines pair with these widely loved dishes, so this is worth taking advantage of.


While we’re on the subject of raw seafood… Chablis often possesses a certain salinity, meaning a slight tang of salt. This means it can converge nicely with the flavor of raw oysters.


Rabbit under sour cream sauce with tarragon


If you want something meatier and richer with your wine, rabbit is a great look. This’ll work best if the rabbit isn’t too gamey, which you can take care of by soaking and marinating the meat thoroughly before cooking, as well as by pairing it with the right sauce.


For our last pairing, one of France’s finest wines with one of the France’s most well-known delicacies: snails cooked with plenty of smooth, decadent garlic butter.

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