Singapore | Try Our New ‘Crafty Trio’ Italian Craft Beer Package

Beer lovers, rejoice! We’re introducing our new ‘Crafty Trio’ package, a selection of three absolutely beautiful Italian craft beers. Down from the total price of $83, this great value package is available now for just $60, delivered ice cold. 


This package gives you the chance to drink Italian beer like you never have before with three craft beers produced by Birra Follina, a small, independent family brewery in the north of Italy. The selection includes one blonde ale, one amber ale and one rich double-malt ale, but all three bottles that have two things in common; delicious flavor and plenty of character.

Follina, Italy

Follina, Italy

Birra Follina’s namesake is a small town in the north of Italy, situated near the source of one of the smallest rivers in the country. The crystal clear water available in the area, along with carefully selected malts and hops and modern technology, are what allows the brewery to produce delicious, unique beers that channel their home with vibrant personality.


  • 1x Birra Follina Follinetta Blonde Ale
  • 1x Birra Follina Sanavalle Amber Ale
  • 1x Birra Follina Giana Double Malt

The ‘Crafty Trio’ package is available to order NOW for $60 on the BottlesXO app in Singapore, delivered to wherever you are in minutes. No minimum order, no delivery fee. 

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