Join us on Saturday, 25th May for an afternoon curated fashion showcase. Four fashion brands – Jennifer Mak, Sweet Villains by SV51, MG, and Faye Jewelry – will be exhibiting and selling their unique designs, offering a chance to experience and purchase bespoke products from some of the best fashion brands in town.

5月25日周六下午和我们一同参加一场精品时装秀吧。三个时尚品牌——Jennifer Mak、Sweet Villains和MG——将在一个非常独一无二的场所展示和销售一系列独特的设计——让您体验和购买沪上最棒的时尚品牌定制品的机会。

RSVP is essential – to reserve your place at the event, send an email with your name and number of guests to


How about drinks, you ask? BottlesXO will be serving up refreshment in for the form of Prosecco and our signature delicious white sangria, as well as hosting a fun and informative Spanish wine tasting and masterclass for all guests that want to participate.

同时你也想知道现场可以喝到什么吗? BottlesXO将提供现场的饮品,包含起泡酒及经典美味的白桑格里亚鸡尾酒,同时我们为所有想要参加的客人举办有趣且内容丰富的西班牙品酒会和大师班。

Read on for more info on the partner’s hosting the event and more.



The four great fashion brands exhibiting and available for purchase at the event run the gamut from classic-yet-fun ladies handbags to made to order shoes and iconoclastic ladies wear. Scroll down to get a taste of what’s on offer.

Ladies Handbags

Jennifer Mak is a collection of handcrafted luxurious exotic skins handbags. Founded in New York in 2012 with the aim to service modern women. The style of the brand leans towards a classic aesthetics with a fun edge, designed to show the quality and unique texture of exotic skins. Jennifer Mak collection is well loved by Hollywood stars and supermodels such as Nicole Kidman, Elizabeth Hurley, and Adriana Lima among other confident women across the world. The collection is sold in select retailers in the US, Asia and the Middle East.

Jennifer Mak是华人设计师Jennifer的同名奢侈品品牌,始建于2012年纽约。品牌代表作是以珍稀皮为主打的精品手袋系列 其设计风格经典而又不失玩味 深受好莱坞明星Nicole Kidman, Elizabeth Hurley 和维蜜模特Adriana Lima 等众多精英女性追捧。品牌於全球设有多个经销点。

Mens & Womens Shoes

Every pair of Sweet Villains by SV51 footwear is a result of excellent craftsmanship with in-depth focus on style and detailed finishing to ensure comfort of movement and an impeccable fit. More than 80% of the manufacturing process is done manually to guarantee the best durability and individuality.

Sweet Villians (SV51)的设计目标与挑战是希望制作一双穿出去会让人印象深刻的鞋子,所以在鞋款的设计上,我们用”玩”设计的方式在细节上面做变化,利用创作来充分地自我表达,并且分享我们对于世界及生活的一种价值。

Ladies Wear

Mont Guimauve, taken from the French words mountain (mont) and marshmallow (guimauve), was founded with an expressed focus on fashion for women between 28-40. We at Mont Guimauve sincerely feel that women can balance everything, yin and yang, without having to sacrifice herself or her individuality.

“Mont Guimauve” Mont法语是“山”,而Guimauve法语是“棉花糖”。喜欢上Mont Guimauve的女性学会一个道理:“在平衡之中活出真我!”不断在生活上追求无穷的美,和谐与平衡的自我。Mont Guimauve代表了一种生活态度,代表了现代女性在职场上已经独当一面,也未必要流失一如既往内心柔然和甜美的一面。Mont Guimauve用时尚支持今天坚毅而勇敢的女性人群。

Gemstone jewelry

Founded by Lillian Hu in 2010, Faye Jewelry is a fine jewelry brand focusing on high quality colored gemstone jewelry and providing made-to-order jewelry service. Lillian’s network in South Africa provides her with the first- hand gemstones resources for her jewelry making. With the advance overseas production technology, she creates the unique style of classic elegance. Faye Jewelry is a dream for jewelry lovers who yearn for, understand and appreciate the beauty of customized jewelry that reflect their uniqueness tastes.


Quality drinks, delivered

BottlesXO delivers high quality wines, beers and spirits in Shanghai, Suzhou, and Hong Kong within 60 minutes (actually, our average delivery time is less than 30 minutes) with no minimum order or delivery fee. Our selection offers a range of fine wines, craft beers and artisan spirits. These are bottles you can trust: delicious, crafted and never mass-produced, plus carefully curated to make your choice effortless, made by producers that are passionate in their craft, mindful of their environment and have an awesome story to tell.

在上海,苏州,香港和新加坡,我们提供60分钟速递服务,一瓶起送,运费全免,平均递送时间少于30分钟。无论你是家中小酌,餐厅聚会,还是公园野餐,你指哪里,我们就送哪里。我们的酒不多,因为我们只选那些我们喜欢的和你能信赖的:美味、匠心、精品、小众。当然,我们的千选万选,只是为了方便你能简单挑选。每年我们都要亲自遍寻散布欧洲各个产区角落的独立精品酒庄: 他们没有大集团对产量和利润的挤压,只有发自内心对好酒的追求和热爱。这样的好酒不仅值得慢慢品来,他们的酿造更值得娓娓道来。BottlesXO app用最简洁流畅的界面让你在手机上轻松订购,全程GPS实时跟踪订单,并有各种闪惠促销和餐酒搭配建议。


Saturday, 25th May
11AM – 6PM

E-Fashion Technology
Room 2201-2202
Hong Kong Plaza
South Tower


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