Just like people, each style of beer has its own personality. Big flavors, nosey aromas and stunning complexities are just a few of the ways a good beer can stand out. But what does your choice of beer say about you?


craft beer ipa what does your favorite beer say about you

Oh, the trendy India Pale Ale. It’s the talk of the beer world these days – and for good reason. We’re talking bold and bitter hops, punchy aromas and drinkers who may or may not have beards, flannel shirts and bespoke tattoos for each travel destination ticked off the bucket list.

You’re a master conversationalist ­– as long as you’re not talking endlessly about how IPA is the king of beers, obviously.

Your favorite pastime? You’re a real bookworm – not just because you like books, but also because it makes that artisanal, handcrafted bookshelf you just bough look complete.


craft beer lager what does your favorite beer say about you

You’re that relaxed and reliable kind of drinking pal that’ll be waiting at the bar before your companion has even picked up the phone. An ice-cold pint is the answer to all of life’s problems because you can’t quite put the world to rights without a beer in hand.

Unpretentious and uber-chilled, your fridge is always stocked with a bunch of the choicest cold ones.

Your perfect party? A classic summer barbecue. Nothing quite like a beer in hand while tending to the grill.

Pale Ale

craft beer pale ale what does your favorite beer say about you

You’re suave and understated, just like your usual delicate pale ale. You pride yourself on being able to see the best in others because you have eyes and ears for details.

You’re the kind of date that would get a second shot ­– keeping it casual with your favourite laidback pale ale means you’re probably a slow burner with scope for a surprise or two on the way.

Your ideal date? You’re the sappy ‘walk along the beach’ kind of suitor.

Wheat Beer

craft beer wheat beer what does your favorite beer say about you

Regular beers just don’t quite do it for you like a wheat beer. You’re a seasoned extrovert with the exuberance to match. You tend to have a lot of ideas that people are genuinely interested in – the same can’t be said for your IPA swilling buddies unfortunately. You’re the kind of person who likes to make a statement without the coming across as arrogant. What a charmer.

Favorite kind of bar? You could be drinking anywhere as long as you’re surrounded by friends.

Blonde Ale

craft beer blonde what does your favorite beer say about you

Good and reliable like a classic American Ford, you’re that stoic kind of friend that’ll always be there if a pal is in a jam. Relationship advice? Sure. Lending a hand with heavy lifting. Absolutely. Getting the next round of beers in? Of course.

You’ve matured earlier than your peers and you prefer a low-key evening at your local watering hole than a weekend bender across the city.

Your greatest life goal? 2.4 kids, a fulfilling 9-to-5 and maybe even a promising pension package.


craft beer saison what does your favorite beer say about you

One of your greatest skills is being able to keep up appearances, especially when craft beers are on the menu.

You weren’t exactly sure what a saison was until you gave it a shot ­– it sounded a little too fancy and French for you’re liking ­– but you’ve been hooked ever since. You’re cultured – to an extent – and even though you think you know what you’re talking about, no one really cares anyway.

Ideal travel destination? Somewhere altogether unexciting. Like, Thailand (you’ve been three times already).

Brown Ale

craft beer brown ale what does your favorite beer say about you

Sophistication is the name of the game when it comes to a classic brown ale. You’re complex yet unfussy, wearing your heart on your sleeve while keeping your more controversial opinions to yourself (until that high alcohol content starts to kick in of course).

Three bottles down, however, and you’ve cleared out half the bar with your talk of politics and bizarre conspiracy theories.

Usual dinner party conversation? Donald Trump and his secret life as a Russian spy. Compelling but unlikely.

And there you go! Of course, you should take these stereotypes with a pinch of salt… but don’t pretend they don’t sound familiar.

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