We’re excited to announce the return of one of our favourite bottles! Frank & Serafico’s Montalzato, an exceptionally delicious red wine from Tuscany, Italy.

The wine will be available as a limited edition countdown, so grab your bottles while you can! As if you needed anymore convincing, here’s a little background on why we’re so excited to be offering this exciting bottle.


The Montalzato is the project of Sebastiano Pompa, whose experience as General Manager of Fattoria Le Pupille inspired him in 2012 to begin finally making his own wines. The Montalzato’s profile, the selection of grapes and even the bottle’s design are the result of his 20 years of experience in the wine industry.

The grapes used to make it were grown in the stony soils of the Maremma reserve in Capalbio, Tuscany, in vineyards that are characterised by a sharp contrast in conditions between night and day thanks to their location just three to five kilometres from the sea. The chilly nights allow the vines to recover from the hot Tuscan sun and develop delicate aromas, and were grown here based on Sebastiano’s knowledge that the most interesting wines in Maremma would come directly from the seaside, rather than the hillside.

Frank & Serafico's Vineyards

Frank & Serafico’s Vineyards

When searching for a winery to help his own project to come to fruition, Sebastiano found the perfect match for his unique and detailed style of winemaking in Frank & Serafico. Two young wine makers with a sense of humor and a sense of history, Fabrizio (Frank) and Pier (Serafico) met in 2005 and, by their own account, didn’t have much in common. What they did happen to share was a passion for wine, a reverence for wine-making tradition and a respect for the earth.

Five years ago they came together to establish a modern but lovingly old-fashioned winery in the beautiful environs of the Maremma Nature Reserve and the Magliano countryside of Tuscany. The vinyard relies on methods used since what they call “ancient times”, putting thought in to every detail down to the wood that they use to support their vines; anything to help them fulfill their goal of producing wine that express the best of their terroirs.

Basically, these guys know their stuff. Both their reds and whites are produced in consciously small batches, their personal mark of both quality and sustainable production.

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