Get Cozy with These 4 Warming Winter Wine Cocktails

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It’s official; winter isn’t coming. Winter is here already. It’s cold. Which means it’s a great time for a little wine, and it’s time for something warm.

In fact, instinct may be tell you to reach for the spices and whip up some mulled wine. But if you’re looking for something really warming and, perhaps, a little more interesting, we’ve got a few more out-of-the-box ways to warm up with wine. Thank us later.



No, its not just mulled wine. Gløgg (or glögg, or glögi; it goes by a few different names) is a specifically Nordic invention that qualifies as a cocktail because it combines mulled wine with further ingredients, including more alcohol. These can include spirits like vodka or brandy, sometimes infused with spices themselves, and extra spices like cardamom to give it a distinct flavor.

Winter Sangria


Sangria in winter? It seems weird but, even though you don’t serve it warm,  the addition of the right winter fruits and the kind of spirits you’d usually drink by the fire in a ski lodge really make it a season-appropriate tipple. Martha Stewart has a recipe that calls for a cup of brandy, fresh orange juice, thinly sliced oranges and apples, some sugar and a little club soda. And, of course, a couple bottles of dry red wine; she recommends a Rioja.

Mulled White Wine


White wine lovers, rejoice! Yes, there’s actually a way enjoy the quintessential winter warmer in a slightly lighter manner. As well as switching out the red for white, you’ll want to change up the spices as well. Keep the cinnamon, otherwise try something new; BBC suggests including elderflower, vanilla, sugar and apple cider. Other recipes call for star anise, ginger and cloves.

Red Wine Hot Chocolate 

Woman Holding Cup Of Hot Chocolate. Hot Chocolate In Wooden Tabl

We’re not making this up. Red Wine Hot Chocolate is a real thing. Red wine hot chocolate. How could it not be delicious? It’s nice and simple too; most recipes just call for milk, dark chocolate and red wine (it’s really all about the ratios) as well as optional ingredients like cream to thicken, vanilla extract and spices like cinnamon, cloves and star anise.

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