At long last, BottlesXO really has beer!

Our app now offers an exciting range of European craft beers. Just like our wine selection, this group of bottles is one that you’ll find nowhere else. And, also like our wines, they’re available to order on our app, delivered on-demand to wherever you are.


Read on to find out about our amazing new selection from German craft brewery Faust, who were recently named National Craft Brewer of the Year in the Meininger International Craft Beer Awards 2016.

Keep your eyes peeled for even more delicious craft beers coming up soon!

Auswanderer IPA (HK$ 120)


An exceptional premium IPA, top-fermented and deep ruby colored with complex flavors of tropical fruit and citrus. Auswanderer means “emigrant” in German; the beer is named for August Krug, whose father Georg Anton Krug owned the Faust brewery (then known as The White Lion). A leader of a liberal movement in Germany, he was forced to leave in 1849. Georg Anton brewed his son a beer whose high alcohol content and hoppy bitterness meant that it wouldn’t spoil on the long journey. The Auswanderer 1849 is not only named for August, it’s also brewed using German and American hops with a recipe based on Georg’s records.

Johann Adalbert Hochzeitsbier (HK$ 95)


Translated as the “Wedding Beer” and named for a descendent of the current Faust owners, this is an orange-gold beer with tropical aromas of lychee and grapefruit. Johann Adalbert Faust became the brewmaster of what was then called Löwenbrauerei before falling in love with a girl in his village of Miltenberg. When he asked her to marry him, she asked him to brew her something delicious. This, then, is the beer that convinced her to say “yes”.

Hefe Hell Hefeweizen (HK$ 150 for 4)
A golden wheat beer with a tangy, mild and fresh taste accompanied by notes of banana, grapefruit and honey.

Hefeweizen Alcohol-Free (HK$ 150 for 4)
A thirst-quenching and tangy alcohol-free wheat beer; low calorie, isotonic and rich in vitamin, it’s great for leisure and sports as well as simple refreshment.

To find out more about the historic Faust brewery, click here.

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