We’ve got some exciting news for Hong Kong’s beer lovers! We’ve just added five exceptional Italian craft beers from two incredible independent breweries to our selection. All of the beers come in extra-large 0.75l bottles and are available NOW for instant delivery wherever you are in Hong Kong, with no minimum order or delivery fee. Read on to find out more.

Birra Follina

A small, independent family brewery, Birra Follina’s namesake is a small town in the north of Italy, situated near the source of one of the smallest rivers in the country. The crystal clear water available in the area, along with carefully selected malts and hops and modern technology, are what allows the brewery to produce delicious, unique beers that channel their home with vibrant personality.

Frank & Serafico

Two young wine and beer makers with a sense of humor and a sense of history, Fabrizio (Frank) and Pier (Serafico) met in 2005 and, by their own account, didn’t have much in common. What they did happen to share was a passion for wine, a reverence for the process of creating great products, as well as a respect for tradition and for the earth. Now the space they’ve created in the lush environment of Maremma, Tuscany contains a winery, a brewery and their very own pub, The Tuscan Farm, all of which are alive with a powerful sense of their beautiful home.

All of the above beers are available on the BottlesXO app NOW for instant delivery wherever you are in Hong Kong.

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