It’s Still Summer! 4 Perfect Wines for a Summer Date

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A date wine should be many things; easy-to-love but sophisticated, fun but with serious credentials. A summer date wine should be all that plus something that feels great with overpowering Shanghai sunshine. No easy feat.

So, here are a handful of suggestions along with some ‘date-pairing’ tips for the more romanticaly challenged.



We’ve talked before about how rosé is maybe the perfect summer wine. We didn’t spend quite as much time talking about how romantic it is, though. It’s sparkling, pink hues, its natural sweetness and it’s associations with glamor all go hand in hand to make it particularly date-worthy. Also, guys apparently don’t need to be embarrassed about drinking it anymore, (though were they…?); apparently, brosé is now a thing.

Perfect for: a beach date, obviously… but good luck finding one of those in Shanghai


Blanc de Blancs Champagne

This one’s a no-brainer. Who isn’t going to be impressed by champagne, right? If you’re trying to go all out though, there are certain champagnes that can take it to another level. We’re talking about Blanc de Blancs; that translates to “white from whites”, meaning its made with pure blends of chardonnay grapes. Remember that little tidbit and you’ll not only be able to impress with some serious high level bubbly, but also with a little wine knowledge too.

Perfect for: a fancy rooftop, with a view



So maybe you don’t want to make a splash and pop a bottle. You want to keep it understated. No rosé, no bubbles. In that case chardonnay is an ideal candidate. It’s calm but classy, summery but weighty; a French white wine with some serious pedigree and some great pair-ability too.

Perfect for: a romantic picnic, if that’s possible here


Pinot Noir

Red wine might not be the first thing to come to mind when it comes to what you want to drink in summer, but red wine definitely spells romance. What to do? Go with something light and fruity enough to contend with the summer heat. Pinot Noir fits the bill perfectly; radiant romantic hues and a vibrant profile that pairs with summery citrus flavors.

Perfect for: A warm summer evening on a streetside terrace


So there you go! Happy dating.

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