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We’re bringing on five Chinese craft brews just in time for the weekend!

Our range of local beers just got even better, with new selections from Beijing’s Arrow Factory Brewing as well as Shanghai’s own Kaiba and Boxing Cat Brewery. Open the BottlesXO app now and you’ll find the five beers below available for instant delivery (each price is for a pack of four bottles):

  • Kaiba Passionfruit Lager (RMB 80)
  • Kaiba Coffee Porter (RMB 85)
  • Boxing Cat Brewery Right Hook Helles (RMB 110)
  • Boxing Cat Brewery Contentder Extra Pale Ale (RMB 120)
  • Arrow Factory Blonde on Blonde Belgian Ale (RMB 140)

Exciting times. Just order, crack one open and enjoy!

Get these beers delivered to wherever you are in Shanghai, chilled and ready to drink. Download the BottlesXO app here.