They say that breakfast is the most important meal of the day. Whatever. You can’t drink wine with breakfast!

That’s why we prefer brunch, a meal which like any other is infinitely improved by the right wine. Read on to discover the perfect wine pairing for five brunch classics, and get your weekend off to the perfect start.

Eggs Benedict & Chardonnay

Eggs Benedict
The brunch classic of poached eggs, ham and bread covered in big, bold hollandaise sauce. You can choose to cut through that richness with something sharp or complement it with a glass of something equally creamy; we recommend indulging and choosing the second option with a nice, rich chardonnay.

Pancakes & Sparkling

Blueberry Ricotta Pancakes on white wood background.

We know that everyone likes their pancakes a different way; we like blueberry and ricotta. And syrup. And cream. When it comes to such a versatile dish, what to go with? A light, chilled sparkling wine will work deliciously and is a decent bet no matter the topping.

Smoked Salmon & Rosé

Bagel With Salmon On Wooden Background

You’ll want bright, fresh and acidic wines that will match the salty fishiness, not to mention the strong flavors that smoked salmon isoften paired with (like rich cream cheese and salty capers). Rosé, a perfect midday wine if ever there was one, will work fine; Rosé Champagne is a good look too.

Cold Cuts & Barbera

Meat sausage salamiIf you’re going to be drinking something red with brunch, then you’re probably thinking about a Bloody Mary; but hear us out. Charcuterie is a staple part of any great brunch,and though there can be a lot of variation in there a solid, fruity Italian red is always a safe bet. Hello, Barbera.

Dim Sum & Champagne

Dim SumWe couldn’t finish without paying service to China’s own contribution to the list of brunch classics. This multicourse meal is a match made in heaven with Champagne, and not just for reasons of taste; with its smorgasbord of flavors and impeccable presentation, dim sum always feels kind of regal wherever you’re eating.

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