Living in a city as dynamic as Shanghai is much like navigating an obstacle course of pure temptation – the wiliest of temptresses being those inescapable drinks deals that keep the city lit every day of the week.

Check out these classic Shanghai nights as a reminder that the morning after is never as sweet as that night of madness. The struggle is real.

The Spritz Supremacy at Funkadeli

Hitting happy hour after work always seems just that much classier when nibbling on aspritz-soaked olives among the hubbub of dozens of Europeans enjoying an aperitif. In reality, that dastardly Aperol Spritz is the devil’s work ­–vibrant, effervescent and deliciously addictive. “I’ll have just one Spritz before I headhome” said absolutely no one ever.

Five devilishly addictive spritz down and you’ve stumbled and swerved your way to the nearest late-night carb provider with none of the delicacy and decorum the Venetians intended for their iconic bevvie.

Time to Say Good-Baijiu

China’s not always the goldmine you’d think, is it? While many are blessed with those high-flying Champagne-fueled corporate (read: boring) careers, the rest of usare scrimping and saving to make it by in our almost-but-not-quite dream jobs while trying to afford international lifestyle. And that is how baijiu sneaks into the equation.

Pocketing Family Mart baijiu is akin to signing a deal with the devil – you won’t enjoy this and you won’t be able to look yourself in the mirror but you’ll be so blotto that you’ll forget the whole experience. Please sign here. But what can you do when kuai doesn’t grow on trees?

Kick the Bucket at Perry’s

Traditionally a wonderfully versatile household implement that proves useful for both moppingthe floors and chilling the Champagne, Perry’s take the humble bucket to headier heights of notoriety in darkened nooks across the city. Dubiously cheap half-liter rum and coke buckets are perfect for sharing – but wallet-friendly, rock bottom prices are a recipe for sin and hideously brain-numbing hangovers.

If you’re conscious ­– heaven willing – by your fourth bucket, you’ll have resigned yourself to 24 hours of Netflix and Burger King in bed.

Glutton for Punishment at Pentalounge

Shanghai’s Sunday brunch game is truly strong – with free-flow liquid lunch deals the hallmark of any trendy Instagram-friendly hotspot these days. Designed for gluttons with a serious penchant for punishment, free-flow deals are all about excess – with a classic dose of shame and regret.

Bottomless Bloody Marys you say? Sure, fill her up. Self-serve vodka by the bottle? Don’t mind if I do! A veritable death wish with the promise of the most debilitating and productivity-inhibiting Monday hangover in recorded history? Where can I sign up!

‘Hoppy Hour’ at XO Bar

It’s a well-known fact of life that Tuesday is the cruelest day of the week, sandwiched between productivity-driven Monday and the hump day promise of Wednesday. So what better way than to forget it ever happened than attending an achingly trendy craft beer tasting that would have any bearded hipster singing from the rooftops.

The pros? You’ll be swigging eight unique craft brews fromall over China with complimentary bites and enough boozy vocab to show off atwork tomorrow. The cons? Hump day will be just that much harder to handle while you sit at your desk emanating the hoppy fumes of brewery. But fear not – it won’t be any old brewery, it’ll be a craft beer brewery…

Of course a little hangover isn’t any reason not to indulge in some of the best craft brews in town – even if it is a Tuesday! ‘Hoppy Hour’ at XO Bar means a range of 7 unique craft beers, along with free-flow bites (including pizza and cold cuts) for just RMB 100, every second Tuesday.