We’re celebrating Christmas with a brand new selection of limited edition festive packages. One of these – the Natale Italiano (RMB 290) – aims to take you on a festive trip to Italy with an exquisite bottle of Mazzei Villa Marcello Prosecco and a traditional Chocolate Chip Panettone from Fiasconaro.


But what, exactly, is a panettone?

Well, Natale Italiano translated is “Italian Christmas”, and that’s no accident. Panettone is a traditional Italian cake that originates in Milan and is a staple of tables across the Mediterranean around the time of Christmas and New Year.


The cakes are unique in both their domed shape, taste and texture; it is made with a cured dough that is processed for days before baking, giving it a delectably fluffy texture. Flavor, meanwhile, traditionally comes from citrus zest and dried fruits, often raisins (Fiasconaro’s version, in our festive package, is peppered with tasty chocolate chips).


It probably dates back to the leavened, sweet cakes that were made during the Roman Empire, but there are a number of legends about its possible origin. This include everything from a 15th Century nobleman disguising himself as a baker and invented the panettone to impress his lover to the cake’s unique shape being inspired by the hats worn in the ancient Italian church.

Its more modern history, though, we know a bit more about. Angelo Motta (founder of huge Italian food brand Motta) began mass-producing the cake in 1919. In fact, he gave the panettone the form that we love so much today by allowing the dough rise three times for almost 20 hours. It’s that that gives panettone its awesome, uniquely light texture.

It’s an interesting history, but not one that necessarily matters that much when the cake itself is so delicious.

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