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It’s Easter, and to celebrate we’ve created our very own version of an old school Easter egg hunt.

This time, it’s the BottlesXO Easter Bunny you’ve got to find… and your reward is a discount on delicious wine and craft beer!

From Thursday, 13 April to Monday, 17 April, scroll through the selection in the BottlesXO app and you’ll spot the BottlesXO Easter Bunny hidden behind his favorite bottles. When you find him, search through that bottle’s description to find a coupon code hidden in the text. Then, when you place an order, enter that coupon code at checkout and you’ll find out what your Easter treat is!

So, to recap:


Find the BottlesXO Easter Bunny behind a bottle
  2. Find a coupon code hidden in the bottle’s description
  3. Place an order and enter the coupon code at checkout
  4. Enjoy your wine!

Happy hunting!

To start your Easter Bunny Hunt, download our wine and beer delivery app here.

This promotion will be valid from Thursday, 13 April to Monday, 17 April. Easter coupons may only be used one time per customer and are not valid alongside any other promotions or discounts.