Our newest Italian red wine, the 2012 Tenute Girolamo Conte Giangirolamo (RMB 528), is something seriously special. It’s fruity with powerful hints of cherry, blackberry and blackcurrant and elegant scents of vanilla, chocolate and spices. It’s also dry, full and harmonious on the palate.

And, like all the best wines, it’s got an amazing story to back all that up.

It’s named after Count Giangirolamo, a Count in the old days of the Puglia region who is said to have constructed ‘temporary buildings’ out of dry limestone to avoid paying taxes. He’d just have them torn down whenever the King’s inspector was scheduled to come by – smart man. UNESCO now protects these buildings, known as trulli

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Appropriately, the bottle itself is a work of design genius – it was awarded a World Packaging Design award in 2013. The vineyard’s logo is individually cut by hand into the unique material of each bottle. A rare thing: a hand-crafted, high-end bottle of exquisite red wine that tastes as good as it looks.

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The Tenute Girolamo vineyards

It’s a product of Puglia, which is sometimes cheekily referred to as “the heel of the boot”, because it is partly formed by the peninsula that gives Italy it’s distinctively “boot”-like look on the map.

It’s famous for producing awesome Primitivo grapes, like the ones in this bottle. If you’ve never heard of them, you might know them as Zinfandel – the grapes were renamed by the Southern Italian immigrants that they eventually brought them from areas like Puglia to California.

There are only 60 bottles of 2012 Tenute Girolamo Conte Giangirolamo available to order in Shanghai only NOW on the BottlesXO app for RMB 528 while stocks last! 

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