Shanghai is still as warm as ever, which can make serving, storing and even drinking wine a little more complicated. You might be wondering around now what temperature to serve that new Chardonnay, or how to take care of your red wine in this heat?

We’ve got you.

Where Should I Store my Wine?

Hey, not everyone has a cellar. Most of you will have a fridge, however, which makes the proper storage of white wine and sparkling wine simple.


The wine cellar that you don’t have in your 5th floor apartment


Red wines are a little more complicated. You don’t want to serve them cold, but leave them out in heat for too long and their flavor will be affected.

First off, don’t keep them in the kitchen; it seems like the obvious place to keep it, but it gets warm in there.

Instead, look for something that could function as a kind of “mini cellar”. Unused closets and drawers are perfect; they’re dark and, as long as they aren’t too damp or dry, should maintain a comparatively cool temperature. If that space is big enough, you can even get a rack…

Resting wine bottles stacked on wooden racks in cellar

Beyond that, here’s what not to do:


  • leave wine by the window
  • leave wine near appliances that generate heat
  • leave wine in the car

Follow these few principles and you should be fine.

What temperature should I serve my wine?

Maintaining the bottles temperature is the first part of the struggle. After that, you’ve still got to serve it at the right temperature.


Red wines should be served between 16° to 18°, whites between 6° and 12°. In both cases, the more full-bodied the wines the higher it should be within that range. Sparkling wines can be served slightly cooler than whites, but generally still around the 8° and 10° mark.

Also worth noting: it’s generally true that, though they should always be served chilled, the better a white or sparkling wine is the warmer you can get away with it being.

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