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We’re celebrating the arrival of Spring in Suzhou by giving all our customers the chance to #DoubleTheFun in the month of April and get 10% OFF now, RMB 30 later. That’s right – double discounts!

Getting your two April discounts is simple; you just need to follow two simple steps:

  1. To get 10% OFF, simply select the coupon at checkout the next time you order wine or beer from the BottlesXO app (if you’re in Suzhou, the coupon has already been sent to your account)
  2. After this coupon is used and your order is delivered, within 24 hours you will automatically receive a new coupon giving you RMB 30 OFF if used before Sunday, 30 April

See – easy! Now go and your get your first discount.

To start getting great deals on high quality wine and beer, download the BottlesXO delivery app here

Both coupons are valid for one time use only; RMB 30 coupon may only be accessed after use of 10% off coupon and may take up to 24 hours to enter your account. Offer is only valid until Sunday, 30 April.