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We’ve given you great European wines. We’ve given you awesome craft beers. Now, it’s time for spirits.

We’ve just launched a full, brand new range of artisanal spirits on the BottlesXO app. We’ve put just as much care and thought into the curation of this new range as we have for all of our new products, and we can’t wait for you to try them. Read on to check out our full selection, and watch out for even more exciting new additions soon.


A blended white rum with aromas of brown sugar, honey and coffee. Grassy and herbal with flavors of dark chocolate, root beer and toasted marshmallow on the palate.

A fruity, spicy and charming dark rum. Opens with flavors of white raisins, brown sugar and pineapple giving way to a drier, more peppery character.

A unique, complex rum. Rich, sweet and exotically spicy with notes of nutmeg, vanilla and a citrus bite.


A quintessential, organic London dry gin created in a unique partnership with The Royal Botanic Gardens

Handcrafted in Shanghai for the discerning, adventurous drinker. Pure and natural, it is made with eleven handpicked ingredients that are sourced organically and sustainably.

A premium gin with a luminous blue hue. Dry, mild and aromatic with great balance and a long, smooth finish.


A classic, smoky Kentucky bourbon with sweet notes of vanilla, pear and hints of spice. Full and rich with a strong finish.

A single grain Irish whisky with spicy fruit notes on the nose, rich red berries on the palate and a strong, dry finish of wood and spice.

A remarkable Scotch whisky, aged 10 years and matured in sherry casks for a palate that bursts with fruit, spice, toffee and the lightest smokiness.

Tequila & Mezcal

A bright, floral and herbal tequila with a crisp mineral purity and some serious complexity.

A lightly smoky mezcal with fruity flavors of orange, green pepper and a hint of honey.

A crisp, fruity and full-bodied tequila with rich agave flavour and a refined black pepper finish.


A luxurious, premium Russian vodka. Smooth, soft and supremely refined.


A light, buttery blended cognac modelled on the classics. Perfect in a Side Car or Alexander Cocktail.

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