The good, the bad and the ugly; Tinder has got it all. The most militant of Tinderers know all too well that swiping right is just the beginning, the first step in what may just turn out to be the happily-ever-after we’ve all been waiting for or a car crash waiting to happen. Whatever Lady Luck throws your way, you can pair your Tinder date with the perfect wine to make the best dates better and the worst dates tolerable. Read on to find out how.

Feeling frisky? Go for a Riesling

You’re finally back in the dating game after a brief ‘I-almost-made-it-a-week’ hiatus and this guy has some serious longevity potential. He’s not like the others; he’s an excellent conversationalist, offers great relationship prospects and makes you feel like sex on the first date is definitely an option every once in a while. Grab a bottle of crisp, refreshing Riesling – because this bad boy comes with a never ending finish.

Beat boredom with big, bold red

A gentle glance at your watch tells you that he’s been talking about himself for approximately half an hour. If you’d have known how devastatingly dull this mergers and acquisitions business would, you’d have swiped left in an instant.

Don’t want to be rude? Drink to forget. Grab a fruity Spanish garnatxa –  because a strong, smooth red with an alcohol content to match makes any poor life choice bearable.

Rosé makes it all O.K. 

He had everything going for him. Really, he did. A high flying and interesting career, infinite sex appeal with a particularly enticing gun show, and the uncharacteristic ability to listen when you speak. He’s got it all.

The only thing that’s missing is the chemistry, that je ne sais quois that could potentially lead to marriage and babies and everlasting happiness. Draw a line under this one with a lively, summery rosé. If you’re going to be hanging out in the friend zone you might as well have fun, right?

Organic bottles for a “selfie queen”

It took less than a second to realize that this master-manipulator is the queen of the selfie.

So good, in fact, that she could be somebody else completely – unless you cross your eyes and squint, of course. Suspicion is rife and the date reeks of deception. Go for something organic – at least you’ll be able to trust something for the next 45 minutes.

Pop Champagne when it’s love at first sight

You swiped right and got real lucky this time, because this one’s a keeper. She’s into adventure sports, prefers cats to dogs and has no intention of starting a family until the next decade. You don’t want to jump to any conclusions, but this momentous occasion might just require bubbles, and plenty of them. It’s basically the pretext for the wedding of the century.

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