Truly, nothing says Christmas like mulled wine. As you probably know, this is red wine that is spiced and infused with ingredients (usually with a simple but enticing blend of cinnamon sticks, cloves, star aniseed, citrus and sugar) and then heated. There are a few variations on this drink, but they’ve usually got at least two things in common; they’re made of wine, and they’re delicious.

Mulled wine with slice of orange and spices. Shallow dof.

But not only does it taste great; mulled wine also has a pretty interesting, international history. Like so many good things, it is thought to originate in Italy. There are records of red wine being warmed and seasoned with spice in Rome as far back as the 2nd Century. From there it made it’s way to what is now the U.K., where it is still a massively popular holiday tipple and one of the countries most associated with mulled wine.

Wondering why you’ve seen a British drink at so many German Christmas markets? Well, it’s popular there too, where it’s known as gluhwein. It’s enjoyed all over Europe, in fact, and even as far afield as Chile (where it’s known as both candola and vino navega’o)… and now, Shanghai!


We’ve put together a few new BottlesXO packages for the festive season. One of our favorites is the “Some Like It Hot” package, which allows you to make your own mulled wine at home with bottles from our own selection!

We’ve partnered with Amelia’s to bring this soothing taste of home to Shanghai with a package that includes two bottles of Poggio Civetta Chianti and two bags of Mulled Wine Spices specially made by Amelia’s.

All you need to bring a real taste of Christmas to Shanghai!

The “Some Like it Hot’ package (RMB 185) includes two packets of Amelia’s Mulled Wine Spices and two bottles of Poggio Civetta Chianti and is available  on the BottlesXO app for instant delivery for a limited time only.

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