What exactly is a “wine related emergency”, you ask? We’re here to enlighten you.

We deliver high quality wines to you whenever you need them, wherever you are. Here are seven situations in which a good bottle of wine delivered to you in moments is a necessity, and which you now never need to worry about again!

Dinner Party

The guest list is done, the menu is set… all that’s left is the wine. If you’re struggling with which wines to pair with your perfectly selected dishes, we’ve got you covered; you’ll find whatever you need in the curated selection in our app, along with tasting notes and even visual pairing cues. Then you order and the bottles will be there in less than 60 minutes, perfectly chilled and ready to drink with that home-cooked meal!

Pool party

If you’re relaxing by the pool with your mates, listening to some summer tunes and soaking up some rays, then the only thing missing is a perfectly chilled bottle of bubbly. You can order on the app right there from your day bed. Leave a note letting us know that’s where you are and our crafty delivery rider will be there in no time, with glasses and everything!

Gifting your boss


If you’re caught on the spot and underprepared with a last minute invitation, or just want to impress them with a Christmas gift, we’ll come to the rescue. Order that perfect bottle of red that is guaranteed to earn you some serious cred, or a bottle of Champagne if you’re really trying to go all out.


Picture this; you’ve had a busy week and you’ve managed to forget you and your partners anniversary. Or their birthday! Don’t switch to panic mode, we’ll come to the rescue. Just go on the app and order: we can even write a gift card for you. Have it delivered to your office that same day and they’ll have no idea about the last minute rush!



You can’t plan the perfect picnic without wine, and now there’s no need to waste time going to the store before beforehand, carrying them along with your blanket and bites. Just show up at your favorite picnic spot and leave a note when you order. Our drivers will find you wherever you are, even if it is in the park, with your bottle perfectly chilled to suit the summer day.


How many times have you sat down for dinner, opened the wine list and realised that if you want to drink, you’re going to be paying double. Well now we’ve got you! Check with the waiter that you can BYO (don’t forget to ask about corkage fees) and your meals perfect accompaniment can be there in no time.

House party


Running out of booze is the ultimate party foul, but it happens to the best of us. Order from BottlesXO and the night is saved! Can you image what a hero you’ll be?

To solve your next wine emergency, download the BottlesXO wine and craft beer delivery app here.

BottlesXO is your Ultrafast Wine & Craft Beer Delivery App, offering:

✔️ Free Delivery
✔️ No Minimum Order
✔️ An Average Delivery Time of 29 Minutes
✔️ Delivered Chilled To Anywhere in Singapore (and Sentosa), Hong Kong, Shanghai & Suzhou

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