Never heard of a Grauburgunder? You might know this German wine better by its French and Italian names: Pinot Gris and Pinot Grigio.

Yes, Germany makes them too!

Franz Keller Grauburgunder 1

What makes these wines worth seeking out is that they have the natural citrus zest and yellow fruit notes that make the grape so well loved with the kinds of features that define German wines;  that dryness, occasional sweetness and of course a characteristic light spice.

Our newest wine is one such bottle, created by one of Germany’s finest wineries; Franz Keller’s 2014 Grauburgunder VDP. That means it’s not just a Grauburgunder, but it’s special; to understand why, you need to know a little about German wine classifications and ratings.

That VDP in the name refers to an in-house statute created by Germany’s Prädikat wine estates, independent of German law but extremely prestigious in the assessment of quality German winemaking. This Graubungurder is certified as VDP.Gutswein, meaning that it is made using ecologically responsible viticulture, at least 80% of their vineyards are occupied by traditional wine varieties and with no use of high-tech, mass production or GM grapes. VDP standards are, actually, considerably higher than those prescribed by German wine quality laws.


Franz Keller Vineyard

Franz Keller, meanwhile, is one of Germany’s most prestigious wineries, located in the wild, picturesque mountains of Kaiserstuhl, known for its beauty and its rich volcanic soil. They are devoted to ecologically sound viticulture, using green manures and organic fertilizers, and take particular pride in their focus on their grapes. They are picked by hand, in several stages if necessary, to ensure that they are not only sweet, but ‘physiologically’ ripe; as balanced and complex in flavor as the wine that they will eventually create.

This wine is available in Hong Kong and will be available as a Limited Edition special for BottlesXO customers in Singapore from Thursday, 19 May! You can also be among the first in the city to taste it at our upcoming Singapore wine tasting on Thursday, 19 May; find out more about the event here.

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